Kopernik connects simple, life-changing technology with the people who need it the most. WE'VE REACHED MORE THAN 215,000 people to date. We'd love your help to reach many more.

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Sourcing Connecting Re-investing


We balance a philanthropic and business approach to distributing technology. Your donation funds the upfront cost of sending technology to the last mile. When products are sold, we reinvest the money in more technology to reduce poverty.

How Kopernik Works Sourcing Connecting Re-investing Click on a section to see more information

Stage 01:

Sourcing Step 1
01 Kopernik sources the best technology designed for the developing world.
Sourcing Step 2
02 Last mile communities discover technology through our website, catalogue and technology fairs, and submit proposals for what they need the most.
Sourcing Step 3
03 We conduct due diligence, and publish projects on the Kopernik website to raise funds.

Stage 02:

Connecting Step 1
04 Donors fund the upfront cost of sending technology to the last mile.
Connecting Step 2
05 When projects are fully funded, we ship the technology to our local partners.
Connecting Step 3
06 People can buy the technology at a locally affordable price through our local partners, paying in full or in instalments.

Stage 03:

Re-investing Step 1
07 Our local partners repay the money from technology sales to Kopernik, and we reinvest it in more technology.
Re-investing Step 2
08 We work with our local partners to assess the impact of the technology, sharing photos and stories on our website and with donors.
Re-investing Step 3
09 We share feedback with technology producers, so they can continue to make the best technology for the developing world.
Donate to our projects

Helping 30 inspiring women to make simple, life-changing technology available in one of the poorest regions of Indonesia.

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Tech Agent Starter Kit. [Bag designed by Alex Fuller, T-shirt designed by james zamyslianskyj from the Noun Project.]
Tech Agent
Starter Kit
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Help make safe drinking water available in rural Timor-Leste, by connecting simple Nazava water filter technology with families in Bobonaro district.

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Nazava Bening Small
Nazava Bening Small
Water Filter
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Making clean technology available to people in remote Raja Ampat by starting up the region's first Tech Kiosk.

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d.light S20
d.light S20
Solar lantern
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Light up Oecusse - a film by Lusse Cloutier (5:16)
Kopernik co-founder Ewa Wojkowska at TEDxJakarta (12:43)
Kopernik co-founder Toshi Nakamura at TEDxTokyo (9:00)
See how appropriate technology can have life-changing impact (2:51)
Kopernik serves the last mile - a film by Lusse Cloutier (0:26)
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