Kopernik Annual Report 2014


Kopernik connects simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty. We do this by:

Empowering Women Icon
Empowering Women

We’ve trained more than 300 women to introduce and sell technologies to families in remote communities across Indonesia.

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Serving Families

We’ve partnered with organisations in Asia and Africa to give families in remote communities access to simple technologies which serve their most pressing needs.

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Helping in Emergencies

We’ve responded to five major disasters in the Asia-Pacific region, including an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, volcanic eruptions, and floods.

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Helping Children & Mothers

We’ve made simple technologies available through schools and health clinics, to provide a healthy environment for students, and for mothers during childbirth.

People Reached

Since 2010, we've connected simple, life-changing technology with:





People in 2014 alone.

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Or about as many people as an Olympic stadium holds!

The Best Technology

Kopernik works with the best technology designed for the developing world, bridging the gap between technology producers and the people who need these technologies the most. We work with simple innovations that are affordable, durable, easy to use and maintain, eco-friendly, money-saving, and life-changing for families in the last mile.

In 2014 we:

Empowering Women

Kopernik helps Indonesian women to become clean energy micro-social entrepreneurs through our Wonder Women Indonesia initiative.

We’re expanding energy access and opportunities for women by training women to sell life-changing solar lights, water filters and clean cookstoves in remote villages across Indonesia.

Wonder Women Map

Western Indonesia in 2014

Bojonegoro, Tuban, & North Aceh


women became Tech Agents, participating in training and mentoring to develop their business skills and confidently sell technologies in their communities.


average increase in women’s income directly from selling technologies, earning a margin on every sale.

Wonder Women Western Indonesia
Wonder Women Western Indonesia Video


of women are spending their extra income on food for their families, followed by education (40%) and expanding their businesses (30%).

Eastern Indonesia in 2014

East Nusa Tenggara


women made life-changing technology available in one of the poorest regions of Indonesia, as Tech Agents and through Tech Kiosks: small, family-run shops selling simple technology alongside everyday goods.

Kopernik's Wonder Women: Meet Ibu Kimilia
Kopernik's Wonder Women: Meet Ibu Kimilia

Wonder Women Indonesia Recognition In 2014

We received a UNFCCC Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award, in the ‘Women for Results’ category, recognising innovative and transformative solutions that address climate change and wider economic and social challenges.


Momentum for Change: Women For Results
Momentum for Change: Women For Results

Serving Families

Kopernik partners with local organisations, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region, to give families access to simple technologies which meet their most pressing needs.

We mobilise philanthropic funds to cover the upfront costs of sending technologies to remote communities. As the products are sold, local partners repay the revenue to Kopernik, and the funds are reinvested in more technology to help more people.

In 2014:


organisations partnered with us to introduce life-changing technologies to the communities they serve, and make the technologies affordable and accessible to families in the last mile.

Solar lights change lives in the Philippines
Solar lights change lives in the Philippines

My household used to use two kerosene lamps every night prior to purchasing the d.light solar light. But now, I don’t need my kerosene lamps anymore. I save up to Rp.110,000 (approximately US$10) per month on kerosene, which I use to buy rice, and fuel for my husband’s boat, Ibu Leny

Helping in Emergencies

Kopernik connects simple technology with evacuation centres and with families, to help communities recover and rebuild from natural disasters.


We responded to the January 2014 Sinabung Volcano eruption, sending 205 Nazava Bening XL water filters and 48 d.light S300 solar lanterns to evacuation centres in North Sumatra, Indonesia.


We completed distribution of solar lanterns and water filters to families affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, helping more than 6,000 people to recover, rebuild and prepare for future emergencies.


Kopernik's Philippines Typhoon Emergency Response: One Year On
Kopernik's Philippines Typhoon Emergency Response: One Year On

Helping Mothers & Children

By connecting simple technologies with schools and health clinics, we help to provide a brighter, safer, healthier environment for study and childbirth.

In 2014:

Pie ChartNazavaEducational Toysd.light S2d.light S300JANMA Clean Birth Kits

(click on the segments for more details)


of students at the schools which received water filters through our Drink Up Indonesia program are now drinking more water at school each day.

Drink Up Indonesia! A Visit to Northeastern Bali
Drink Up Indonesia! A Visit to Northeastern Bali

Before I started using the S2 solar light, I was using candles which I had to buy everyday for $0.50. After using the solar light, now I can save money and buy pencils, books and other school supplies.
Francelino de Sousa, Timor-Leste

The students were enthusiastic and eager to learn. They mastered the microscopes quickly and started drawing what they saw... When the lesson ended we all concluded this was a great way to practice what is studied.
Annelous Bekkers, Manager, Yayasan Cempaka Putih

Strategic Initiatives

Impact Tracker Technology

In 2014, Kopernik conducted extensive research into impact tracker technology (ITT) to find affordable ways to report real-time, large-scale data on social impact - and share our conclusions with other non-profit organisations and social enterprises.

ITT Catalogue


digital data collections apps, SMS communication platforms, geospatial mapping tools and remote sensors reviewed and featured in Kopernik’s Impact Tracker Technology catalogue.

ITT Webinar


webinars held, featuring ITT developers and organisations using their tools to collect data, communicate with clients and measure impact.

ITT Event


events in Bali, Jakarta and Singapore to introduce the ITT catalogue to nonprofit organisations, social enterprises, and multilateral agencies working in Southeast Asia.

Last Mile Consulting

Kopernik provides professional advisory services to corporations, multilateral agencies and foundations through our Last Mile Consulting division. Consulting revenue funds Kopernik’s work connecting simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty.

In 2014:


multinational corporations, multilateral agencies, social enterprises, and international organisations engaged Kopernik’s Last Mile Consulting (LMC) team.

Click on the arrows to find out more about our consulting work in each location.

Last Mile Consulting MapMacedonia & Montenegro - UNDPMadagascar - Fondation Tany MevaMyanmar - UNDPIndonesia - CompanyIndonesia - DifferIndonesia - CompanyIndonesia - GIZIndonesia - Mongolian CompanyIndonesia - PanasonicIndonesia - Endeva


In 2014 The Kopernik Team:


We couldn't have done this without support from:

Tipping Point Calendar


Monthly Tipping Point donors, who help fund projects faster, sending technology to the last mile sooner

27 Local Partners

Empowering Women

  • PEKKA East Flores
  • Indonesia Heritage Foundation
  • Semai Benih Bangsa

Helping in Emergencies

  • PKPA
  • Rotary Club of Bacolod North

Serving Families

  • Yayasan Puter Indonesia
  • PELITA Sumba
  • Indian Society for Wildlife Research
  • Deepam Trust
  • CDC Balaghat
  • SOS Burkina Faso
  • Ray of Hope Africa
  • Reaching out for the Needy
  • Roman Luan
  • Move Forward
  • Mae Fah Luang Foundation
  • Institut Mosintuwu

Helping Children & Mothers

  • Long Kali 19 Primary School
  • Songan 6 Primary School
  • Roman Luan
  • Cleanbirth.org
  • Rotary Club of Bacolod North

ICCO Partners

  • Yayasan Daya Pertiwi
  • Yayasan Mitra
  • SpekHAM

The K-Team


Full-Time Team Members Across Kopernik HQ, Kopernik Japan, and Six Field Offices as of December 2014.


Abigail Schwartz, Adam Kilgour, Andrea Woodhouse, David Madden, Edward Rees, Guy Janssen, Julia Cheng, Lisa Witter, Nigel Snoad, Nina Gidwaney, Osamu Kaneda, Richard Manning, Sanjay Gandhi, Scott Guggenheim, Sir Tim Lankester and Taku Sugimoto.


Rezal Kusumaatmadja, Tri Mumpuni, Andy Pradjaputra and Aji Hermawan.

* Yayasan Kopernik is an Indonesian foundation which implements Kopernik's mission in Indonesia.


Donations & Grants
Individual 171,601 145,448
Corporations )* 694,816 677,633
Foundations and Government )** 156,391 818,887
In-kind donations )*** 83,028 96,190
Subtotal 1,105,836 1,738,158
Consultancy/Honorarium 133,584 281,224
Technology Sales 72,156 141,050
Miscellaneous 294 631
Subtotal 206,035 422,905
Revenue Total 1,311,871 2,161,063
Technology incl. shipping 166,861 200,130
Salaries and related 253,051 437,710
Travel cost 118,198 140,510
Other project cost 57,768 82,842
Subtotal 595,879 861,192
PR & Fundraising
PR & Fundraising 59,286 80,226
Subtotal 59,286 80,226
Operations Support
Salaries and related 74,659 93,272
Office costs 40,400 87,448
Internet & Comm & Post 25,162 33,428
Bank Fees 8,486 7,041
Professional Fees 34,236 28,466
Miscellaneous 555 285
Subtotal 183,496 249,940
Expenses Total 838,662 1,191,358
Changes in Net Assets )**** 473,209 969,705

All figures in USD. Consolidated financial figures for 2014 are for the entire Kopernik Group and have not yet been audited.
)* including an amount of USD600,000 pledged in 2014 and received in 2015 from ExxonMobil Foundation
)** including an accrued amount of USD459,823 pledged in 2014 from ENERGIA
)*** including Australian Volunteers for International Development in 2014
)**** including USD1,059,823 as grants receivable; USD200,000 of technology consigned to resellers, as stock in warehouse and in transit; USD90,000 prepaid office rent; and USD150,000 cash and cash equivalents.

Thank You to Our

Major Partners

Asia Society
Asian Venture Philantrophy Network
Australian Aid
Australian Aid MAMPU
Exxon Mobil
Ford Foundation
Formin Finland
Google One Today
Japan Airlines
JP Morgan
People Focus Consulting
The Rockefeller Foundation
Russell Investments
Scope Global
World Economic Forum

*Photo of Maracanã stadium by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo
*Photos provided by Ben Laksana, Willow Paule & Laura Surroca for Kopernik