Put the fun in fundraising to help make life easier in the last mile

Share your passion for connecting simple technology with the people who need it the most. Host a fundraising event to send life-changing technology to the last mile.

Step 1

Choose a project to support and set a fundraising goal.

Choose a project from the Kopernik website

Step 2

Plan a fun event and invite your friends. Don’t forget to ask for a donation.

Friends at a fundraising event for Kopernik

Step 3

Let us know what you have planned. We can spread the word and send you some flyer designs.

Drew & Erin helped raise money for Kopernik as part of their wedding celebrations

Step 4

Have fun hosting your event!

Having fun and raising money for Kopernik

Step 5

Transfer the funds you have raised to Kopernik.

Working in the Kopernik office

Step 6

Thank your friends and follow the impact of the technology you've sent.

The impact of technology

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