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Combining a passion for serving the last mile with world-class consulting talent

Our Last Mile Consulting team provide professional advisory services to corporate and public sector clients who are exploring innovative products or services designed for emerging markets. We also promote innovation in the development sector by providing advisory services to aid agencies in the design and implementation of development assistance programs and projects.

We speak the language of both business and international development. We have expertise in brokering partnerships between the public, private, development sectors and academia in order to leverage their respective strengths to better serve the needs of last mile communities. We bring a deep understanding of emerging and developing markets, and draw on our extensive local networks and presence across Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region in our work.

The Last Mile Consulting team are highly skilled in design, implementation and data collection and analytics. We are fast, flexible and deliver consistent, world-class outputs for our clients.

The core services of Last Mile Consulting are:


Market &
Needs Assessment

We collect data and provide analyses and insights that assist our clients to understand the competitive landscape and demand in emerging and developing markets. We help to identify market opportunities, develop market entry strategies and recommendations.

Product Development &

We support new technology development and innovation through conducting product trials and collecting user feedback.We also design and test cost-effective supply chain and distribution models to assist our clients to reach new markets and remote locations.

Micro-entrepreneurship program development

We support our clients with advice and guidance in micro-entrepreneurship model design and implementation to serve new markets based on our experience in this field.

Advisory Servicess

We advise companies and corporate foundations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Creating Shared Value (CSV) programs and policies to align with company needs and maximise impact.

Lean Experimentation with
Public Sector

We conduct lean experimentation of promising poverty reduction solutions that once proven, can be scaled up through development agency, developing country government and NGO programs

Funds / Labs

We assist development agencies, developing country governments and NGOs to find progressive approaches through the design of innovation funds and labs.

Case Studies
People have started praying together in the mosques at night after the Solar Indoor Lighting system installed


Last Mile Consulting (LMC) used its rural coordination capacity and analytical capabilities to provide the client with initial desk research, project development, and community engagement in unelectrified villages of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Kopernik's Last Mile Consulting team members interviewed representatives from Kampoeng Kepiting

A European Business Consultancy

Last Mile Consulting used its research capacity and analytical skills to provide the client with an in-depth, high-quality study of innovative inclusive businesses in the Indonesian tourism sector.
Kopernik's Last Mile Consulting team discusses the poster testing activity at Dlundungan market

A large multi-lateral organisation

Last Mile Consulting used its intimate knowledge of and networks in rural communities of Indonesia to provide the Client with an initial desk review, methodology development, field visits for community and key stakeholder review, testing of several communication channels and data analysis of the research conducted.
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