Wonder Women Indonesia

Expanding energy access, boosting income & opportunities for women

Kopernik's Wonder Women initiative is making clean energy technologies available to people in remote Indonesian villages, where access to electricity and affordable cooking fuel is extremely limited. At the same time, it empowers women to boost their income through selling solar lanterns, water filters and clean cookstoves in their communities.

The problem

From Papua in the east to Aceh in the west, Indonesia covers a distance as wide as the United States. It is a nation of 250 million people, with 120 million living in rural areas. It has a land area the size of Mexico, but spread out over an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, many of them volcanic. This geography and demography make energy access a huge challenge.

More than 80 million Indonesians live without any electricity, and many more live with unreliable access to electricity - suffering through frequent, productivity-draining black-outs. Almost 100 million people rely on smoky, fuel-hungry three-stone fires for cooking.

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What we're doing

Simple, life-changing technologies

Kopernik has been working with Indonesian women since 2011 to make clean energy technology available to remote communities. We train women to sell simple solar lanterns, water filters and clean cookstoves in their communities. The women receive the technologies on consignment and earn a margin on every sale, boosting their income to support their families and themselves.

Wonder Women

We call these women 'ibu inspirasi' (inspirational women and mothers in Indonesian), or 'wonder women' in English. Our wonder women are superheroes in their villages: making life-changing technology available to their friends, relatives and neighbours. These technologies are life-changing because they save families time and money, improve health and safety, ease pressure on the environment, and open up new economic opportunities.

Our wonder women also inspire others through what they achieve - earning money to support their families, gaining new business skills, and gaining confidence in their ability to succeed as micro-social-entrepreneurs.

Ibu Kimilia

What we have achieved

Since 2011, we have worked with more than 400 wonder women micro-social-entrepreneurs, who have sold almost 16,000 clean energy technologies to date. These technologies have reduced C02 emissions by an estimated 6,000 tonnes.

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