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Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

United States

The Rockefeller Foundation is supporting Kopernik to conduct a comprehensive survey of low-cost technology-based social impact measurement tools.

JPMorgan logo

J.P. Morgan

United States

J.P. Morgan provides funding to Kopernik's Tech Kiosks through the 'Tools for Growth' initiative.

JAL logo

Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines supports Kopernik with flights, donations of frequent flyer miles and outreach to Japanese corporations to develop technologies serving the last mile.

Exxon Mobil logo


United States

ExxonMobil provides ongoing funding to support Kopernik operations and to empower women in Indonesia.

Daiwa Securities Group logo

Daiwa Securities Group


Daiwa Securities Group provides funding to support Kopernik's energy and water-related projects in Asia.

The Johns Hopkins University logo

The Johns Hopkins University

United States

Kopernik hosted a team of students from Johns Hopkins University Global Engineering Innovation program to prototype simple technologies for farming and fishing communities in Indonesia.

Differ logo



Differ provides funds and support to scale-up small-scale carbon reduction technologies in Indonesia, focusing on clean, fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves.

Center for Study and Child Protection (PKPA)

Center for Study and Child Protection (PKPA) »


We partnered with PKPA to distribute disaster relief (water filters) in the wake of the January 2014 eruption of the Mt Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra.

Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (HOVC)

Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children »


We partnered with Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to connect solar lanterns with families raising orphaned relatives in Kisoro, Uganda.

Brand24 logo


United States

Brand24 is supporting Kopernik by providing a marketing tool for brand monitoring and analytics.

AMDA logo



We partnered with AMDA to distribute solar lamps to people effected by the Haiyan Typhoon in the Eastern Visayas region, The Philippines.

iDEAL logo



iDE works with small farmers to identify and develop low-cost tools that can increase productivity and generate cash income.