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Ubat Romaida Siregar

Ubat Romaida Siregar »

Field Officer

Romaida (just call her Ida) helps to open up new economic opportunities for women by supporting our Tech Agent program in East Flores, Indonesia.

Ewa Wojkowska

Ewa Wojkowska »

Co-Founder and COO

Kopernik was born from Ewa's desire to more effectively address development issues.

Toshi Nakamura

Toshi Nakamura »

Co-Founder and CEO

Toshi co-founded Kopernik in 2010 to connect simple, life-changing technology with people in the last mile.

Nofandy Firmansyah - Administrative Assistant

Nofandy Firmansyah »

Administrative Assistant

A vital member of our Operations team, Nofan ensures staff are covered with health and workplace insurance and supports a wide range of human resources and administrative activities. 

Imanta Kasih Sembiring

Imanta Kasih Sembiring »

Field Coordinator

Iman uses his IT degree for humanitarian good by hosting our technology fairs and training local women to use our products.

Cantika Marlangen

Çantika Marlangen »

School Partnerships Officer

Tika helps connect water filters, educational toys and other simple innovations with teachers and students at schools across Indonesia.

Ketut Suastika

Ketut Suastika »

Field Assistant

Ketut makes our busy multi-tasking possible by managing inventory, running errands and driving a team that is always on the go.

Fitriana Dewi

Fitriana Dewi »

Administrative Assistant

Fitri provides operational support in Kopernik's Ubud office, including arranging transport for a team that is always on the go.

Haricha Maria Tambunan - Field Officer

Haricha Maria Tambunan »

Field Officer

Based in Tapanuli Selatan, Icha is the on-the-ground manager of our Low Emissions Enterprises (LEE) project in North Sumatra, Indonesia.