Lincoln Sihotang
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 14:42

By Lincoln Rajali Sihotang
Senior Project Officer

TV Tokyo at Atauro Island!

Recently Toshi and I took a trip to visit our solar light project on Atauro Island, Timor Leste. This trip was very special because TV Tokyo from Japan was coming with us to make a documentary of Toshi and Kopernik’s projects.  The TV Tokyo crew had started the documentary last year in November by filming some of our projects in Indonesia. Since they were also interested in filming one of our solar light projects, we decided to go and visit Atauro Island where we had been implementing a d.light S250 solar light project with our local partner Roman Luan. This documentary will be aired on a very famous TV program in Japan called Gaia no Yoake by TV Tokyo Japan to celebrate its 10th anniversary on the 17 April 2012 at 22.00.


Sunset in Dili 

We flew from Denpasar to Dili and after a spending a night in Dili, we left early for Atauro Island by a speed boat. It took us around 1 hour to get to the island. From afar, we could already see how beautiful the island was. Amazingly, right before we arrived on the island, some dolphins were swimming next to our boat, welcoming us.

We stayed two nights on the island and visited some d.light s250 solar light beneficiaries in two villages where there is no access to electricity. Here are some more pictures from our visit.


Common lighting on Atauro

A happy mom and kid with a d.light S250  

A smiling kid carrying around a d.light S250

We had an amazing time and were extremely satisfied to see and hear what impact the d.light S250 solar light has made in the families' lives. I still have a lot more to tell about this project and will post more blogs about it in the near future.