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24 July 2014
The JANMA Clean Birth Kit from AYZH

The Gift of Empowerment »

Growing up in urban India, Zubaida Bai witnessed the struggles her sisters, cousins and friends faced when becoming mothers. What should have been a joyous occasion could turn into one of economic, emotional and physical hardship. So she set out to make the lives of her fellow females easier through health education and economic development.

By Josie Vine

Media coverage:
17 July 2014
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5 Success Factors for Technology Distribution and Adoption in the Last Mile

"How can innovative technologies be distributed and adopted at scale in the last mile? This is a key question driving activities of many social enterprises and nonprofits aiming to leverage the power of innovative products designed for the poor." Tomohiro Hamakawa, Kopernik's project manager, shares five key factors that serve Kopernik as guiding principles in its work today.
Media coverage:
01 July 2014
Center for International Relations

International Affairs Forum Interview: Ewa Wojkowska and Toshi Nakamura

The International Affairs Forum, a publication of the Washington DC-based Center for International Relations, recently published an interview with Kopernik co-founders Ewa Wojkowska and Toshi Nakamura. "We are working hard to expand the distribution networks that we have established," says Ewa. "We view the Tech Kiosk and Tech Agent models as very promising, and want to expand these micro-social-franchises in Indonesia. We are also working to expand our partnerships with local organizations across Asia."
Kopernik news:
30 June 2014
Five Success Factors: A New Report on Last Mile Technology Distribution & Adoption by Kopernik

Insights From Our First Four Years: A New Report From Kopernik »

In implementing more than 100 projects connecting simple technology with those most in need, Kopernik has learned a number of important – and sometimes surprising lessons. These lessons have been consolidated into five key factors for success that Kopernik uses as guiding principles in its projects today. Please download our new report sharing the insights we have gained in our first four years serving the last mile.

By Tomohiro Hamakawa

Media coverage:
28 June 2014
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Technology Will Serve The World in Poverty

"More than 2 billion people around the world are living in poverty today. But there are also plenty of technologies and products available that can help the world fight poverty. Ex-UN staff members Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska have come up with a new model of support to connect these technologies to poverty-stricken areas and people."
Media coverage:
27 June 2014
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Lighting up the Last Mile

"Living in Bali in considerable comfort, it’s easy to forget that many Indonesians don’t have access to the electricity and clean water that most of us take for granted. According to a World Bank report of earlier this year, almost half of Indonesians (125 million people) do not have access to clean water and about 25% of Indonesians (62 million) lack electricity. Bali-based Kopernik, an international NGO, has developed a unique approach to bringing appropriate technologies to these communities."
Kopernik in action:
26 June 2014
Adit joined us to help distribute water filters in Madura, East Java

A crucial component: volunteers! »

Simple technology, complex logistics: how would Kopernik, based in Ubud, distribute 800 Nazava water filters to schools spread across Indonesia, from Papua in the east to Sumatra in the west, and six more islands in-between?

By Çantika Marlangen

Inventor stories:
26 June 2014
Sam Goldman explaining the ill effects of kerosene lighting (source: d.light)

Absolutely d.lightful »

When Sam Goldman was working as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in an isolated West African village, he would spend his evenings sitting outside his mud house in the dark. It was 2004, yet there was nothing as modern as running water, or electricity. And living without life’s little luxuries got him thinking…

By Josie Vine

Media coverage:
25 June 2014
Family Innovation Zone

Mothers Of Innovation

Mothers can change the world. Socially, commercially and economically, mothers are a force for innovation around the world. "Ewa Wojkowska... saw a way of supporting communities, mainly through mothers, in a way that went beyond microfinance. Her organisation, Kopernik, an Indonesia-based NGO, connects the producers of simple technology – solar-powered lights, water filters, cooking stoves – with the people who need it." Family Innovation Zone's report on how and why mothers make such great innovators is now available to download.
Kopernik in action:
17 June 2014
Sangtu encourages the women to take a closer look at the Prime cookstove

Don't be too serious! »

Wednesday 26 February 2014 is a historic date for me. It was my first time to visit Nusa Penida not to have fun, but to introduce life-changing technology to the people who live there. The journey began from the beach town of Sanur, where we embarked on the 35 minute speedboat ride to this small island southeast of Bali.

By Sangtu Yohanes