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Media coverage:
16 October 2014
Nonprofit Technology Network

How Small Organizations Can Use Affordable ICT-tools to Measure Impact

This catalog aims to show the options as neatly and simply as possible so that the catalog’s audience — small-to-medium organizations — can understand and take action. But such a simplification poses the risk of cutting out some of the nuances and complexities of individual tools. The result is a careful balancing of simplicity and complexity, rigor and practicality, subjectivity and objectivity.
Inventor stories:
16 October 2014
Topher travels to remote rainforests, vulnerable to illegal logging and deforestation, and sticks his cell-phone-solar-panel contraption up a tree

The Rainforest Connection »

For this "Inventor Story" we have featured an ‘impact tracker technology’ (ITT) to celebrate the ITT catalogue Kopernik has just launched. This catalogue is a new initiative funded by Rockefeller Foundation and Asia Community Ventures.

There’s something a bit interesting going on in Topher White’s San Franciscan backyard shed.

Tinkering away, the 32-year-old physicist may have just stumbled across the answer to the climate change equation.

By Josie Vine

02 October 2014
IFSD Conference, Singapore

Tomo Hamakawa to Speak at IFSD Conference in Singapore »

Kopernik Project Manager Tomohiro Hamakawa will speak at the Innovative Finance for Sustainable Development (IFSD) Conference in Singapore on 11-12 November 2014, highlighting Kopernik's recently launched impact tracker technology (ITT) catalogue.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 09:00
National Library

Kopernik in action:
01 October 2014
Proudly quenching the thirst of TEDxUbud attendees with Nazava-filtered water

Some Saturdays are better than others »

What was the special occasion? TEDxUbud 2014! Although this was the fourth time TEDxUbud had taken place, this was the first time I had the opportunity to join the event. I was very excited to see so many people with brilliant ideas gathered together in one place to share their stories. As much as I would like to be one of those people up on stage (maybe one day!), I was not going to TEDxUbud as a speaker, or even as a regular attendee. Together with my colleagues Cantika, Tanya and Anna, I was going to represent Kopernik, one of the sponsors of the event.

By Saraswati Ratnanggana

Inventor stories:
25 September 2014
The 'plug can can serve up to 20 mobile devices at a time and is accompanied by a solar backpack. It can be used offline all day.

Cloud Bustin' »

Less than two years ago young whiz-kids Chris Reichart and Sze Wong attended a World Bank workshop on enhancing data collection in the agricultural and forestry industries in Washington DC. More recently, Sze and Chris were invited to present their iFormBuilder solution at the same Washington workshop.

By Josie Vine

Kopernik in action:
23 September 2014
We used Magpi to conduct a baseline survey with our tech agents in North Aceh

From paper to touch-screens: a new way to survey »

Last May, my field team and I started experimenting with Magpi, an easy-to-use mobile data collection app to create forms for surveys in the field. First up: we used Magpi to conduct a baseline survey with our tech agents in North Aceh.

By Reisky Handika

Media coverage:
20 September 2014
The Straits Times

Innovative tech aids for remote villages

"In four years, Kopernik has helped around 200,000 people, providing affordable, useful and innovative products to countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Kenya."
Media coverage:
20 September 2014
The Asahi Shimbun

Impact Journalism Day: Japanese NPO Kopernik spreads affordable technology to poorest areas

"Under conventional aid programs, innovative technology and local needs often don't meet while costing a lot. The result is aid hardly reaching remote villages, where aid is earnestly desired and needed. I wanted to create a system to change such a situation."
Kopernik in action:
11 September 2014
The Kopernik team facilitated a discussion on economic solidarity at the Poso Women's Congress

A Path to Peace in Poso »

Most Indonesians know Poso, Central Sulawesi, as a conflict zone. But I don't want to focus on the conflict, Instead, I want to tell you about what women in Poso are doing for peace. In 2013, Kopernik partnered with Mosintuwu Institute to connect technology with communities in Poso. After we had raised the funds to send the technology, this project was ready to launch. In March, I travelled to Central Sulawesi with my colleague Rara to attend the Poso Women's Congress.

By Çantika Marlangen

Kopernik in action:
03 September 2014
Bad roads, broken bridges, crumbling cliffs, and treacherous river crossings

Welcome to Sumbawa »

Traveling from Aceh to West Nusa Tenggara, I am reminded again of Indonesia's epic diversity, not only in terms of language, but also culture, landscape, religion, and economic opportunity. I am joining my colleague Nonie Kaban to host a technology fair and conduct a needs assessment in Tambora sub-district. We have been invited by Yayasan Mitra, based in Mataram, through our partnership with ICCO.

By Deni Sugiarto