Case Study:

Last Mile Consulting (LMC) used its rural coordination capacity and analytical capabilities to provide the client with initial desk research, project development, and community engagement in unelectrified villages of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The Need: 

Philips Lighting Indonesia, a leading company focusing on lighting systems and solutions, wanted to improve the sustainability of its Kampung Terang Hemat Energi (Bright and Energy Efficient Villages) initiative in Indonesia. This program aims to bring meaningful lighting innovation to improve people's lives not only to cities but also to last mile communities. In 2015, Philips is committed to lighting up off-grid villages with its indoor solar lighting solutions. In collaboration with local government, Philips engaged Last Mile Consulting to develop the project design and implement it.

How Last Mile Consulting Helped: 

Drawing on LMC’s existing knowledge of, and networks in, rural Indonesian communities, the team identified appropriate locations for distribution through desk research, and assessed locations through field visits. They then executed the distribution, engaging the local community to install 100 Philips Solar Indoor Lighting systems in clinics, mosques, and community meeting spaces. With help from a local partner, they monitored the impact of the solar lighting systems. The team also developed and conducted community training to support sustainable maintenance of the solar lighting systems.

What Last Mile Consulting Delivered: 

Last Mile Consulting provided Philips with the data collected from the villages, and completed all distribution and installation in South Sulawesi to schedule.

Through successful execution of the project, 13,000 people in nine villages across three regencies of South Sulawesi now have access to solar lighting in public facilities at night. Children in Romang Tangaya village can now study at night, midwives in Belawa village can live in the clinic, and people have started praying together in the mosques at night.