Yasmiatun - East Java, Indonesia

Impact Story
Yasmiatun - East Java, Indonesia

" The sales have allowed me to stop asking my parents for money. Instead, I am now contributing to my family – by using my earnings to buy a Nazava water filter for our home. "


Yasmiatun, an 18-year-old vocational student and local radio broadcaster, is Kopernik’s youngest Tech Agent in Gayam Manukan village. She joined the Tech Agent program on March 2014 with seven other women in her village. Yasmiatun has enthusiastically embraced the business training offered by Kopernik. She says the training has helped her overcome the challenges she faces as an entrepreneur and allowed her to develop new professional skills.

Although she was initially unsure about how she could successfully market the technologies, in just two months she has already sold around 20 products. Up to this date, she has sold more than 100 products in total, including 14 Nazava water filters and 12 biomass cookstoves. The sales have allowed her to stop asking her parents for money. Instead, she is now contributing to her family – by using her earnings to buy a Nazava water filter for their home.

Yasmiatun says that her community is now more aware of how dirty their local water actually is compared to the filtered water. Her mother is very thankful for how much time the water filter saves, as she no longer needs to boil water to make it safe to drink. Yasmiatun hopes to pursue a business career after finishing her studies.