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Sawyer water filters were distributed by the Rotary Club of Bacolod North in the outskirts of Cadiz City
Nov 2013 to Dec 2013

We worked with our local partner, the Rotary Club of Bacolod North, to deliver 105 Sawyer water filters to those most in need. Rotary Club member Jun-Jun Jalandoni engaged his fellow Rotary members and alumni from the St John’s Institute (Hua Ming) to distribute the water filters. They worked...

The Tulip water filter is compact to ship, and can be used with locally-sourced containers
Jul 2012 to Dec 2012

We worked with local partner, Tropical Research and Conservation Centre to deliver 240 Tulip water filters to vulnerable people in remote communities in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The communities were Ikot Ideh, Nchan Ebua, Ikot Arankere, Ikot Ebok, and Usuk Ukwuk.

First grade students received the Solar Ears
Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

We worked with local partner, Luwero Boys' Primary School to deliver 11 Solar Ear Hearing Aids to first grade students. Each student was allowed to use the hearing aid during class and then returned them at the end of each day. Teachers assisted the students to get used to the solar ear and...

Affordable hearing aid technology opens up a world of sound, and opportunity, for hearing impaired children
Feb 2012 to Aug 2012

We fit 16 children (14 children received 2, and 2 children received 1) with 30 Solar Ear Hearing Aids.

Women in Nyuh Kuning village receive water filters at a special event
Feb 2013

In total, we distributed 256 filters to Nyuh Kuning families, and a further 44 filters to NGOs, cafes and restaurants around Ubud, promoting the importance of drinking safe water from affordable and renewable sources.

The Benesse Microscope is making science classes fun for students at Selemadeg 2 Junior High School
Apr 2013 to Jun 2013

“Before, I only knew microscopes from picture in the textbook. It was hard to imagine how it actually works. Now, I am very happy that I know how to use it and I have more interest in science.” Ni Kadek Ayu Swardani Asih

With the Solvatten, children are drinking more water each day
May 2012 to Oct 2012

Catarina lives in the village of Vila. She is very pleased with the water purifier because before she was always worried about the health of the children, especially the younger ones. She used to boil the water to drink and then filter it to get rid of any solids, but the water always had a smokey...

Our technology agents learned about how to use and maintain the technology products
Feb 2012 to Feb 2013

We have partnered with PEKKA, an Indonesia-wide network of women's groups, to train women as independent technology agents to sell simple, eco-friendly technologies in their communities.

Solar lights are providing light and charging mobile phones on Fefan Island
Mar 2013 to Jun 2013

By the time that all of the solar lights had been sold, almost every family that our local partner works with had a lamp. People from other places asked about the lamps. There is strong demand for more d.lights.

With safe, clean water conveniently available at school, students are drinking much more water each day
Jan 2013 to Apr 2013

"Previously the children at school rarely drank, at most they drank only four glasses a day. Especially in the dry season, the water supply in the reservoir is limited. Now with a Nazava water filter in schools they can drink as much as possible. Their concentration is improved." - I Wayan Tunas,...