Asty Banoet

Program Associate

With a passion to engage with diverse stakeholders, Asty supports Kopernik's community initiatives as a Program Associate, particularly focusing on addressing food security challenges in West Timor.

Before joining Kopernik, Asty spent three years working for a local NGO in Soe, West Timor, actively engaging with the local community. Through this experience, she built strong relationships with communities, organizations, and the local government, while honing her skills in communication, collaboration, facilitation, and program implementation. Upon joining Kopernik as a Program Associate, she dedicated her efforts to supporting the implementation of the PANGAN initiative, aimed at addressing food security challenges in West Timor by revitalizing indigenous farming practices and experimenting with innovative food preservation technologies. Beyond her community-focused endeavors, Asty indulges in cooking and traveling, using these activities as opportunities for self-reflection.