Nadhirah Nuha Shofura


With 4+ years of experience in design and technology research and consultation field, Nuha brings her expertise in data analysis, project facilitation and consultation to her role as Analyst for Kopernik's Last Mile Consulting. 

A graduate from product design program at a renowned technology institute, Nuha has cultivated a rich experience intersecting design, research, and digital technology. Early in her career, she worked alongside various designers, researchers, and engineers to find solutions for everyday problems. This experience sparked her interest in finding hidden insights in everyday life and turning them into practical solutions.Prior to Kopernik, Nuha enhanced her expertise as a design researcher in Bandung. Her work is deeply rooted in a commitment to fairness and inclusivity. Combined with her natural flair for storytelling, Nuha is well-equiped in making complex research processes and findings accessible and engaging for communities. She believes that sharing knowledge and space for creating impact is key to enabling informed and equitable decisions. Her approach is practical and dedicated to creating a positive social impact, making her as a resourceful and compassionate analyst.