Putu Arya Wigita

Senior Analyst

With a background in Economics and a strong skillset in research, Arya is eager to further his knowledge in the lean experimentation approach and make meaningful contributions to people living in the last mile.

Prior to joining Kopernik, Arya served as the Academic Assistant at the Economics Department of Gajah Mada University, where he was involved in various research projects for two years. Through this experience, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of experimentation in identifying causalities in research. As a Senior Analyst in Kopernik's Solutions Lab team, Arya is determined to apply his economic expertise to the organization's lean experiments and projects, with the goal of finding effective solutions for communities in the last mile. In his daily routine, Arya enjoys experimenting with different brewing methods to find the perfect flavor in his cup of coffee and also plays badminton in his free time.