Delivering Respiratory Masks and Fire Fighting Equipment Amid Haze, Wildfire in Central Kalimantan

Kopernik delivered 3,600 respiratory masks to those affected by haze in Central Kalimantan, along with fire fighting equipment to help combat the fires.

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  • Technology Distribution


In August 2015, peat fires blazed deep in the forest of Kalimantan, producing harmful smoke. The fire not only engulfed a myriad of areas in the Kalimantan forest, but also numerous cities on the island. Central Kalimantan was heavily covered by a thick haze for several weeks, causing respiratory problems for many of its inhabitants. A study estimated that this outbreak could cause approximately 100,000 premature deaths.


In response to the emergency, Kopernik worked with OuTrop - a trusted local partner - to deliver 3,600 units of respiratory masks and eight units of fire fighting equipment to Central Kalimantan. OuTrop collaborated with several communities to connect the technologies with four villages and seven organizations, including local fire fighting communities, such as Sekola Relawan, TSA (Tim Serbu Api - firefighting team) Borneo Rescue, and BPK (Tim Serbu Api - firefighting team) Panamas. Some of the technologies were distributed by small river boats to reach more people in need.

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The mask was deemed to be effective for air filtration, assisting people with breathing. he fire fighting equipment helped communities fight fires, especially in the Bukit Tunggal area and around Sabangau National Park.

This project is managed by Kopernik Solutions and implemented by PT Kopernik on behalf of our client.