Improving Access to Clean Water through Underground Rainwater Catchment Technology in Tallo District, Makassar

We are using TAMETOTTO©, an underground rainwater catchment technology, to enhance access to clean water in coastal communities.

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  • Technology Distribution


The coastal community in Tallo District, Makassar is facing challenges with limited access to clean and safe drinking water. Groundwater in the coastal area is not suitable for consumption, and households in Tallo rely on water from a communal well located near the mosque. However, this source is often scarce and only accessible to those living nearby. Additionally, the quality of the water has not been tested, posing a potential health risk.

As an alternative, residents purchase drinking water for IDR 10,000 per gallon (19 litres) at local refill stations, and clean water at a price of IDR 500 per 10 litres. They transport the water to their homes using carts and jerry cans, which takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes each trip.


Kopernik will construct TAMETOTTO©, a technology developed by Daiken Japan, which collects, stores and converts rainwater into clean and safe drinking water. The objective is to establish a reliable source of clean water in Tallo District.


The use of rainwater catchment technology will provide cost-effective access to clean water for coastal communities in Tallo District.

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  • Water produced by TAMETOTTO© meets the criteria for clean water. The water can also be consumed as drinking water through additional filtration using Terra water filters and boiling processes.
  • The community has experienced a 100% reduction in the cost of obtaining decent water as water provided from TAMETOTTO© is free of charge.
  • The community uses TAMETOTTO© more often during dry seasons.



Solution & Project Implementation

Costs associated with the purchase of the solutions tested and project coordination


Monitoring & Evaluation

Costs associated with data collection, analysis and reporting


Administration Fee

Cost of transferring payments internationally, processing online donations (5%) and a contribution to Kopernik's operational costs (15%)


Total $50,971

This project is implemented by Yayasan Kopernik on behalf of our partner who provided grant funding for this project.