Seismic activity at Mt. Agung has led the authorities to issue a level 3 alert, and evacuated families who live in areas within 7.5 kilometres of the volcano

A community effort coordinated by Kopernik, Petra Schneider of IDEP Foundation, Robin Lim of Bumi Sehat, Rio Helmi, Rucina Ballinger and the Green School Parents is responding to the urgent needs of families evacuated due to increased seismic activity at Mount Agung. We will continue to distribute critical supplies -- blankets, mats, diapers, medical supplies, water filters, solar lights, clothing, stoves, food and much more.

Serving Erni - Gam Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Erni - Gam Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
"The lamp is very convenient, initially I bought two for the living room so my kids can study with better lighting. But after knowing that it brings more good than harm, I bought two more so I can place them in the kitchen. I can still cook dinner even when the sun has gone down." - Erni
Senior Program Officer Lana Kristanto at TEDxUbud (16:14)
Kopernik co-founder Toshi Nakamura at TEDxHaneda (11:16)