We believe in challenging the status quo and finding new solutions that reduce poverty in the last mile.

What does Kopernik do? Watch our CEO Toshi Nakamura's talk at TEDxHaneda about what's next in store for Kopernik or see the latest experimental projects we are currently funding here.

Serving Maripa - Warsambin Village, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Maripa - Warsambin Village, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
"The BrightBox solar home system not only safely and sustainably lights up my kiosk, but it can also be used to charge mobile phones. It saves me from buying kerosene, which is often in scarce supply in the village, making it very expensive." - Maripa
Wonder Women Western Indonesia (4:54)
Kopernik co-founder Ewa Wojkowska at TEDxJakarta (12:43)