Kopernik Partners with Investing in Women to Promote Gender Equality Among Young Indonesians

The Kopernik team shared about the GenSet campaign at the Investing in Women Campaigns and Communities of Practice Induction Workshop in Jakarta (Photo: Investing in Women)

Despite advancements in various sectors, women and girls in Indonesia continue to face significant disparities in economic empowerment, livelihoods, and educational opportunities. These challenges are multifaceted, including lower workforce participation, higher unemployment rates, and disparities in work quality and wages compared to their male counterparts. Additionally, women encounter obstacles such as limited access to information and financial resources, as well as discrimination in formal sector hiring and promotion practices. Consequently, a significant number of women are compelled to engage in informal sector work, assuming roles as self-employed, casual, or unpaid workers.

In response to these systemic disparities, Kopernik is partnering with Investing in Women to lead an initiative called ‘GenSet,’ short for Generasi Setara (Equal Generation). This campaign aims to address challenges faced by young Indonesians related to economic and caregiving gender norms. It strives to challenge and break these norms and encourage positive attitudes towards equality by amplifying conversations that promote gender equality and inclusivity, driving changes in perception, attitude, and behavior. 

The term ‘Genset’ is commonly associated with a generator set, comprising an engine and an electric generator. By leveraging this term, Kopernik established a symbolic link between 'GenSet' as a generator set and 'GenSet' as an acronym for 'Generasi Setara,' emphasizing the campaign’s objective: to promote equality and generate change. This connection highlights the practical notion of generating sustainable and renewable power while aligning with our transformative goal of creating a more equal and inclusive generation. Emphasizing sustainable and renewable power also signifies that creating an environmentally friendly community supports the achievement of gender equality.

To achieve this goal, GenSet established ‘Komunitas Setara’ (Equal Community) as its Community of Practice (CoP), consisting of influential actors and leaders from diverse backgrounds and various regions across Indonesia who are deeply passionate about social causes and committed to advocating for gender equality.

The CoP members serve as facilitators of change, aiming to expose and influence broader audiences with evidence of positive deviations from gender norms through inspiring and motivating stories. These stories aim to inspire young Indonesians to translate gender-equal attitudes into behavior and advocate for change. Our ultimate goal is to build a community of early adopters who demonstrate progressive behavior and advocate for broader change, thereby catalyzing positive transformation towards a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable economy and society.

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This work is supported by Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government.