Case Study:
A European Business Consultancy

Last Mile Consulting used its research capacity and analytical skills to provide the client with an in-depth, high-quality study of innovative inclusive businesses in the Indonesian tourism sector.

The Need: 

Endeva, a German business consultancy focused on finding business solutions to poverty, aimed to promote to the corporate sector that tourism can create mutual benefits for companies and people in poverty. To that end, they published a guide and case studies to inclusive business in tourism that show how inclusive business practices are transforming the tourism sector. Inclusive businesses are defined as enterprises that incorporate the poor either in their value chains as employees and entrepreneurs or as target customers, thereby generating social and development benefits. In collaboration with GIZ, the German agency for international cooperation, Endeva chose to focus on the tourism industry because of its enormous potential for innovative business solutions to create opportunities for companies and low-income communities alike.  In this context, Endeva engaged Last Mile Consulting to investigate innovative business practices in the Indonesian tourism sector.

How Last Mile Consulting Helped: 

Kopernik’s Last Mile Consulting team applied its vast knowledge of the community development sector in Indonesia to identify inclusive business cases in tourism through desk research and rapid assessments. From this process, the team identified a wide range of potential enterprises encompassing tour operators, hotels, restaurants, and nature conservation agencies.

Out of the 10 initial cases, Last Mile Consulting conducted further analysis into three prominent cases with substantial economic, social, and environmental impacts. The research involved field visits and interviews with business owners and community representatives.

What Last Mile Consulting Delivered: 

Last Mile Consulting provided the client with in-depth case studies of three inclusive tourism businesses in Indonesia. Through a detailed assessment with business owners and community representatives, Last Mile Consulting gained deep insights into how the business models work in practice, articulated challenges and solutions, and mapped out business and development benefits as well as future outlooks to inspire other innovative approaches to tourism business models.

The three case studies are published in Endeva’s Destination Mutual Benefit: A Guide to Inclusive Business in Tourism.