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Carocell 3000 successfully installed in Likotuden village, Flores, Indonesia

We are testing an affordable solar water desalination technology to provide access to freshwater in the remote islands of Indonesia.

In rural Indonesia, 17% of 512 surveyed students missed at least 1 day in the last period due to difficulties related to menstrual health management.

We are testing the use of reusable menstrual hygiene pads and their link to an increase in girls' school attendance in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

The solar dryer Kopernik built and assessed in Adonara Island, East Flores

We are testing a solar dryer to develop a simple solution to prevent crops from spoilage

We're testing grain storage methods using hermetic bags/airtight drums to prevent crop losses due to weevil and rodent infestation

We are testing grain storage methods to develop a simple solution to prevent crop losses due to weevil and rodent infestation.

Mums-to-be in Rajasthan, India, now have access to clean birth kits

Help mums-to-be in rural areas of Rajasthan, India to gain access to clean, safe, simple-to-use birthing equipment, ensuring a sterile environment during childbirth.

We delivered 56 Nazava Bening XL water filters and 94 Nazava Bening 1 water filters, enabling more students and teachers to enjoy clean and safe drinking water

Providing safe, clean drinking water for students on Atauro island, Timor-Leste, quenching their thirst and making drinking water safe.

Candle is one of the main option for children to study at night

Help connect solar lights and biomass cookstoves with rural communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia, providing access to clean light and safe cooking.

Bodhi Health Education has been providing medical training for front line medical workers in India for years

Help connect JANMA clean birth kits with mums-to-be in rural areas of north and northeast India, ensuring a sterile and safe environment when giving birth.

A happy tech user with her new water filter

Help connect Nazava water filters to people with disabilities in Karangasem, Indonesia, to provide safe drinking water.

Peat fires in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo credit: OuTrop

A firestorm is engulfing Kalimantan. Help connect frontline forest firefighters with the WMP20 Multi-purpose Water Pump (with fire hoses) and the people of Palangkaraya city, Kalimantan with 3M VFlex Particulate Respirator.