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A happy solar light user in Balaghat district holding up her new solar light against the old kerosene lamp it has replaced (Photo Credit: Manthan Charles)

Help connect solar lights with tribal farming families in villages near the Balaghat forest circle, easing pressure on forest resources in an area where biodiversity is threatened by encroaching development.

The microscope has increased students’ motivation to study science

Help connect Benesse microscopes with children on remote islands in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, making science lessons come alive for students.

We worked with Topu Honis Shelter Home to connect clean, bright d.light S300 solar light with women and children living in the shelter and surrounding community

Help connect solar lights with vulnerable women and children in Oecusse, Timor-Leste, providing them with brighter nights.

Ibu Seret, our new Tech Kiosk operator, with her pet Western Crowned Pigeon

Making clean technology available to people in remote Raja Ampat by starting up the region's first Tech Kiosk.

Pak Makusi charges his phone from a d.light solar lantern

Making clean technology available to people in remote Raja Ampat by starting up the region's first Tech Kiosk.

Solar lights will allow children in Galinggang village to breathe easier and reduce the risk of kerosene burns

We're continuing to light up the night in rural Kalimantan by connecting more safe, clean solar lights with families who have no access to electricity.

Deepam Trust conduct women's empowerment meetings

We’re providing solar lights for the Narikuravar semi-nomadic Community in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India, to reduce the environmental damage caused from disposing of the batteries currently used to fuel lights at night.

Interactive learning tools will encourage an interest in Science

Let's make educational tools for students and teachers available in the central mountain region of Bali, Indonesia to enhance the learning experience in classrooms.

The microscopes will also be used in the school’s new Science Club that will be held every Saturday

Let's make interactive educational toys available to Indonesian students in remote Kalimantan, to enhance the quality of education in rural areas.

Evacuees at the Tanjung Pulo evacuation centre

Help provide clean water and safe lighting for thousands of evacuees affected by the Mt Sinabung eruption in North Sumatra, Indonesia, by sending solar lights and water filters to evacuation shelters.