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The Dani tribe in Wamena cook inside their homes, using traditional open fires. Photo by: Richard Wasserman from

Help connect biomass cookstoves with families in rural areas of Wamena, Papua, reducing their exposure to dangerous smoke and saving them money.

Mums-to-be and the birth attendants who received kits said that they really like the lightweight design of the kits, making it easy to carry

Help reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates in West Bengal and Odisha, India, by connecting clean birth kits with expectant mothers.

Most families in rural Sumba live without electricity, and for many years relied on kerosene lamps for light at night

Help connect d.light solar lights with families in rural Sumba, a remote island in eastern Indonesia.

People have stopped drinking water from their wells, choosing to buy water from a water truck that visits their villages

Help connect Nazava water filters with families on the Indonesian island of Sumba, to give them access to clean drinking water

Sevamob promoted the importance of sterile environment in giving birth procedure

Connect JANMA clean birth kits with mums-to-be in Bangalore and Jharkhand, helping Indian mothers and babies enjoy a happy and healthy start to life.

The children can now use the solar light to study at night

Help connect d.light S300 solar lights with families in mountain villages surrounding Silay City, Negros Occidental.

We worked with our local partner, Essmart, to connect Ampere Angel electric bicycles with farmers and shopkeepers in remote areas of Tamil Nadu, India.

Help connect electric bicycles with farmers and small shopkeepers in Tamil Nadu, India.

Families were very interested in the water filters when HADEER introduced samples in Bobonaro earlier this year

Help make safe drinking water available in rural Timor-Leste, by connecting simple Nazava water filter technology with families in Bobonaro district.

A happy solar light user in Balaghat district holding up her new solar light against the old kerosene lamp it has replaced (Photo Credit: Manthan Charles)

Help connect solar lights with tribal farming families in villages near the Balaghat forest circle, easing pressure on forest resources in an area where biodiversity is threatened by encroaching development.

The microscope has increased students’ motivation to study science

Help connect Benesse microscopes with children on remote islands in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, making science lessons come alive for students.