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With her new stove, this woman can avoid respiratory illness caused by using smoky stoves indoors

We're connecting Nigerian women who have survived human trafficking with fuel-efficient cookstoves that will help them to save money on fuel and healthcare costs.

Lighting up the night in rural Oriental Mindoro

We're connecting clean, affordable and efficient solar lighting with rural families in Oriental Mindoro.

Women tried out the cookstoves at a community meeting

Connecting clean cookstoves with women in rural India to reduce deforestation and improve health.

Let's connect solar lights with students living in school dormitories

Let's connect d.light S250 solar lights with women and children in the Kamuli district of Uganda, providing cleaner, cheaper and safer light for the community.

Trained midwives are significantly reducing the maternal mortality rate in Timor-Leste, despite working in remote places with very limited resources

Connecting obstetric kits with midwives working in remote parts of Timor-Leste to make childbirth safer for Timorese women.

Our technology agents learned about how to use and maintain the technology products

Making clean technology available to people in East Flores, Indonesia by creating micro-business opportunities for vulnerable women, helping them to move out of poverty. We raised funds for this project's water filters through our 'Drinks are on Me!' campaign, and for the clean cookstoves through...

Q drums are making life easier for families in western Kenya

We're connecting Q Drums, a rollable water container, with families in western Kenya, easing the daily burden of carrying water.

The flood forced 150,000 people to evacuate their homes

We're helping villages devastated by floods in Orissa, India by sending water purifying technology.

Water collected by families in Kasese can now be filtered using the Nazava water filter, making it safe to drink

Connecting water filters with families who are exposed to water contaminated by stockpiles from a nearby mine in Uganda's Kasese district.

Our local partner helped farmers set up the Driptech system in their fields

Helping small-plot farmers increase their productivity with affordable drip irrigation technology.