Amanda Abiella Resmana


Combining her love for natural science, engineering, and social welfare, Amanda brings her experiences in environmental engineering, corporate sustainability, and previous nonprofit work to her role as an Analyst of Solutions Lab at Kopernik. 

Having passionately studied and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Amanda has developed a keen interest in exploring the link between environmental health, social welfare, and nurturing ecosystems. She has been involved in various projects that intersect the terrestrial environment and human communities, including the degradation of riversides, wetlands, marine ecology, and coastal communities, which have significant impacts on health and economic status. Amanda is inherently curious and internally motivated to conduct pollution research and explore nature-based solutions, with a strong desire to contribute to the growth of her field of expertise. Outside of work, she enjoys freediving, hiking, and reading popular science literature.