Vanessa Hildegard Harsamto

Communications Officer

As the Communications Officer, Vanessa is responsible for crafting and communicating compelling messages through various communication channels for Kopernik and Pulau Plastik, such as social media, press releases, project updates, blogs, and impact stories. She is also involved in multimedia production projects, from desk research, developing stories, scriptwriting, to supporting filming.

Vanessa recently earned a Master of Arts degree in Arts and Cultural Management from King's College London after completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. With experience in organizing events, festivals, and exhibitions, Vanessa is passionate about bringing arts and culture to social development. During her study, she was also actively involved in volunteer activities in NGOs and cultural institutions. As the Communications Officer, she is in charge of the digital outreach of Kopernik and Pulau Plastik, supporting multimedia production from desk research to filming. Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys dancing, her long-time passion since her childhood. She also enjoys reading books or going to art exhibitions and watching art performances.