Prototype Testing and Market Assessment for a Household Appliance in Kenya

Kopernik conducted prototype testing and market assessment for a Fortune Global 500 company as part of its R&D process for a household appliance designed for off-grid communities in Kenya.

Project Type

  • Last Mile Consulting
  • Market Research & Prototype Testing


Off-grid communities in Kenya have limited access to household appliances that can ease the burden of everyday chores. A Fortune Global 500 company decided to cater to this need and developed a prototype to test in both urban and rural Kenyan markets. The company engaged Kopernik to test the prototype, measure the community’s willingness to buy, and understand its suitability in the local context.


With the help of a local partner, Kopernik identified off-grid and semi-off grid communities in Kenya. The team made observations to understand the existing processes of household chores. To identify issues around the current practices, the team interviewed 40 households in urban and rural areas. The team then introduced and gathered feedback on the prototype.

To make the new product accessible to the poorest segments, possible financial schemes were also analyzed. It was found that similar products are in fact available in local markets, yet they are financially accessible only to the wealthy. In addition, Kopernik visited local businesses to identify potential distribution channels.

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Findings from the research demonstrated a high level of interest in the company’s prototype. The majority of respondents understood the product’s benefits in increasing their productivity. Some even saw potential income generating activities using the product. Respondents also expressed their willingness to purchase the product within certain price ranges.

Kopernik captured this comprehensive information to provide the client with suggested improvements to the prototype in the near term and actionable recommendations regarding the business model in the longer term.

This project is managed by Kopernik Solutions and implemented by PT Kopernik on behalf of our client.