Technology Sales Agent Performance Doubles with Access to Motorbikes

Technology Sales Agent Performance Doubles with Access to Motorbikes

We wanted to find out whether there were any characteristics shared by our high-performing Wonder Women (technology sales agents). So we analysed the attributes of 55 Wonder Women with the highest sales records - those who contributed towards 80% of the total clean energy technology sales of the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program - to identify any commonalities.  

We looked at age, marital status, base income, education, and we found no obvious trends.

But when we looked at motorbike ownership the trend was quite striking. On average, Wonder Women who own a motorbike sell double the amount of technology compared to those who don’t. 

(N=55, unit = technology sales per month, per woman)

This makes sense, of course, because those with a motorbike have the potential to reach more people – meaning access to a larger market. And having access to a larger market can lead to greater sales.

So, this is something to consider if you are working in base of the pyramid markets. Access to transportation could increase the performance of your sales agents.

What factors have impacted your sales agent performance in base of pyramid markets?

Wonder Woman, Mama Yoh, on the back of her motorbike to sell clean-energy technology.