From Tegal to Tuban: Bringing Local Flavors, and a Positive Impact to People and the Planet

On the outskirts of Tuban lives an incredibly hard working woman named Idha Meliyani. She is the mother of four children as well as a highly dedicated business owner. Ngapak Foodies, Idha's business, is bringing the local flavors of her hometown, Tegal in Central Java, to East Java, where she currently resides. Manggleng, a traditional snack made from cassava, is one of her most popular products.

Although she completed the Wonder Women program the previous year, Idha's spirit and desire for continuous growth led her to rejoin the program in 2023. Even though she recently gave birth and was busy taking care of her four children, she was committed to fully participating in the program for another year.

Idha Meliyani inspires other women entrepreneurs by sharing her experience using WA Business

During the recruitment process for the Wonder Women program, Idha was very clear about her desire to stay involved and continue to learn. Her courage, spirit, leadership potential, and dedication resulted in her rejoining this women's economic empowerment program, which this year focuses on building and strengthening environmentally sustainable businesses.

Throughout each stage of the program, Idha attended all of the training sessions and participated in all activities. She updated her business model canvas, so that now her business not only focuses on making profit but also emphasizes social and environmental aspects. Idha realized that the sustainability of her business is not only measured in financial terms but also by its impact on the community and the environment.

Since rejoining the Wonder Women program, Idha has increased the use of ingredients from her own garden. This is in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting raw ingredients. Idha is also transforming organic waste from her kitchen into compost, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Idha Meliyani utilizes the harvest from her own garden as raw materials for her products.

“To differentiate my products from other snacks out there, I use local ingredients from my own garden as the raw materials for my products. The quality is better because we only use organic fertilizer made from waste we produced during the production process. ” said Idha confidently during her business proposal presentation.

She understands that good human resource management is also crucial for sustainable growth. As part of her commitment to making a positive impact on her community, Idha provides opportunities for fresh graduates to work in administrative roles and support her business. This gives fresh graduates a chance to develop their skills so that they can pursue their desired careers.

Idha Meliyani is a great example of a micro-entrepreneur who cares for the environment and her community. Her business, Ngapak Foodies, is not just about offering delicious, authentic flavors of Tegal but also about driving positive change. As a mother and businesswoman, Idha is proving that the spirit of success and empowerment knows no boundaries.

Wonder Women is a women’s economic empowerment program with a focus on creating climate-resilient and sustainable businesses. This program is made possible through a partnership of Kopernik and Women’s Earth Alliance.