Kopernik x Navicula: Music and Technology for Change

Kopernik x Navicula: Music and Technology for Change

Kopernik is excited to be collaborating with Balinese band Navicula in a tour to Australia from 24 November to 10 December to raise awareness on the transformational role of music and simple technologies in addressing social and environmental issues in Indonesia.

Using their respective instruments and expertise -- technology and music -- Kopernik and Navicula share a mission in finding and pushing for effective solutions that help lift people out of poverty and improve their lives.

“Kopernik works with many different types of partners to achieve our goals, from artists such as Navicula to the private sector and academia. We believe these cross-sectoral collaborations allow for greater impact in addressing current social and environmental issues,” said Ewa Wojkowska, Co-Founder and COO of Kopernik.

Ewa and members of Navicula will kick off the tour with an appearance at a series of events in Gippsland from 24-28 November. Among them is a panel discussion called Kopernik x Navicula: Music and Technology for Change, hosted by University of Melbourne’s Indonesia Forum on 28 November and at Sydney University on 1 December. The full tour line-up is available below.

A highlight of the tour will be the Asia Society Asia 21 Summit, an annual event of young leaders in the region held in Melbourne from 29 November to 1 December, which will be attended by Ewa and Gede Robi, the lead vocalist of Navicula, both of whom are Asia 21 Young Leaders. This year’s Asia 21 Summit takes the theme of World Disrupted: Asia’s Future.

Set against the backdrop of the Mt Agung’s recent increase in activity, Kopernik and Navicula will also join hands in a fundraiser at the Tote in Melbourne on 29 November to support the needs of the people affected by the Mt Agung volcanic activity. On the afternoon of November 21st, a minor eruption occurred in Mount Agung, forming an ash cloud above the volcanic peak.

“Music is a universal language, a powerful medium which can connect people with ideas and concepts they normally would not be exposed to. We partner with organizations such as Kopernik to further spread their knowledge and message, using music as a media to introduce urgent environmental and social campaigns to a wider audience,” said Gede Robi, lead vocalist for Navicula.

The tour is supported by the Australian government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Indonesia Institute, Artistic Merit, the University of Melbourne and the Herb Feith Foundation. These events are produced by Artistic Merit in partnership with F.INC {(F)ROUTE & FLOAT], Wurinbeena, Multicultural Arts Victoria and the University of Melbourne.