Folia Water is a wholesale technology manufacturer of Folia Filters™, a nanosilver-coated paper filter that makes drinkable water affordable and accessible to low-income communities around the world.

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Kopernik partnered with Folia in July 2018 to conduct initial consumer and retail engagement research to get a better understanding of drinking water habits in low-income neighborhoods in Bandung, Jakarta, and Denpasar. During this visit, we scoured through high-density areas and slum residences to conduct interviews and FGD with household residents, warung owners, and retail water sellers. We gained valuable insight into how Indonesians obtain their drinking water, and how Folia Filters could fit in this consumer journey.

The inputs from this visit will serve as a starting point towards the next iteration of Folia Filters tailored to suit the drinking water needs of low-income Indonesians. Moving forward, Kopernik and Folia plan to continue this partnership through further consumer research and pilot sales.