Kopernik Group has four legal entities, each of which plays a distinct role in realising our overall mission:

Kopernik Solutions
Kopernik Solutions is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation in New York State, USA (EIN: 27-0962978) with the key role of providing the overall strategic direction for Kopernik and mobilizing funds. Kopernik Solutions implements projects outside of Indonesia, provides Last Mile Consulting services outside of Indonesia and provides grants to organisations in order to further Kopernik’s mission. It is funded by public institutions, foundations, corporations, and individual donations.

Yayasan Kopernik
Yayasan Kopernik is registered as an Indonesian Foundation (Yayasan) with the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights. It’s key role is to implement the following initiatives in Indonesia: Experimentation and demonstration projects to reduce poverty, CSR programs with corporate partners, and development projects in partnership with institutional donors. It is funded by grants from public institutions, foundations, corporations, and individual donations.

PT Kopernik
PT Kopernik is registered as a PT PMA - an Indonesian company. PT Kopernik provides advisory services through it Last Mile Consulting service to develop innovative products or services that serve the needs of people in emerging and developing markets. It is funded through revenue generated through the consulting and advisory services.

Kopernik Japan
Kopernik Japan is registered as a General Incorporated Association (Shadan Hojin) in Japan. Kopernik Japan conducts business development for the Last Mile Consulting service in Japan and develops innovative partnerships with Japanese entities to further Kopernik’s mission. It raises philanthropic funds for Kopernik Solutions and Yayasan Kopernik activities and provides advisory services for Japanese companies, foundations and public institutions to introduce innovative practices and to help develop products and services for developing and emerging markets.