Improving Processing Technologies: Cacao Beans Phase 1

Oct 2016 to Jan 2017
Improving Processing Technologies: Cacao Beans Phase 1


The project:
Improving processing technologies: Cacao beans Phase One
Technologies used:
Hybrid Solar Dryer, Three-tier Fermentation Box
Local partner:
Kopernik Solo

This project took place in Angkah village, Selemadeg Barat district, Tabanan, the second largest cacao producing regency in Bali.1 The project began with a needs assessment to map out the traditional pre and post-harvesting processes of the cacao bean. An experiment lasting 11 days tested whether a solar dryer could improve the drying process for a cacao processing cooperative, UPH Subak Abian Buana Mekar. Kopernik introduced the Hybrid Solar Dryer (HSD) and a three-tier fermentation box.

Our hypothesis was that a Hybrid Solar Dryer (HSD) will reduce the drying time for cacao when compared to the traditional floor drying method.

The experiment actually disproved our hypothesis with the moisture level of the beans in the HSD being two times higher than the beans dried using the Floor Solar Drying (FSD) method after the five day drying period.

The reason being that the humidity level inside the HSD was higher than the outdoor humidity level due to poor air circulation inside the dryer.

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