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What if my total donation for a particular project is in excess of the project budget?

If you donate more than the final amount remaining for a project to become fully funded, we will either send more units of technology, or we will ask you via email which other project you would like us to allocate the surplus funds towards.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

We send all donors a receipt when you make a donation.

American Donors:
Kopernik has received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status under the United States Internal Revenue Code from the Internal Revenue Services of the United States of America (the “IRS”). Thus, Kopernik can treat itself as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) and your contributions will be tax-deductible against certain federal income taxation in the United States of America.

Australian Donors:
Kopernik partners with the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund by acting as its agent for fundraising and the delivery of our projects in South East Asia. Tax-deductible donations can be made via this secure payment gateway with options for credit card, cheque and EFT. All donations of AU$2 and over received via this link will be recorded through the issue of an annual statement from World Relief Australia (WRA) at the end of financial year. Australian donations made direct through the Kopernik website will not be tax-deductible.

Other Donors:
For other donors, please be advised that Kopernik does not currently have tax exempt status under the laws of any other jurisdiction. We would advise that all donors take appropriate professional advice in respect of the tax status of their donations. Kopernik may apply for tax exempt status in other jurisdictions in the future.

Can I organise a fundraising event for a Kopernik project?

From drumming workshops to wedding gifts, our fundraisers find creative ways to send life-changing technology to the last mile. Here are the steps for you to get involved:

Step 1: Choose a project to support and set a fundraising goal
Step 2: Plan a fun event and invite your friends. Don’t forget to ask for a donation.
Step 3: Let us know what you have planned. We can spread the word and send you some flyer designs.
Step 4: Have fun hosting your event!
Step 5: Transfer the funds you have raised to Kopernik.
Step 6: Thank your friends and follow the impact of the technology you've sent.

Does Kopernik provide grants for organisations?

Kopernik does not provide grants or funds directly to local partners. We generally partner with organisations committed to introducing and building a market for the technology in their community, however in certain situations we allow technology to be distributed for free, for example when working with schools and health clinics, or in emergency situations. Our most successful partnerships are with organisations which take a social enterprise approach, developing the sustainable supply and distribution of technology.

What if the technology I receive from Kopernik doesn’t work?

If the product is faulty, please refer to the maintenance and warranty provisions on the technology detail page on the Kopernik website, and contact us so that we can put you in touch with the technology producer for assistance.

Whether you are happy or unhappy with the technology, we want to know about it. Each local partner is required to rate, and provide feedback on, the usefulness and functionality of the technology. This feedback will be made public so that other local partners can see how the product is received. We are committed to sourcing the best technology designed for the developing world, and your feedback (good or bad) is critical to making this happen.

How does Kopernik use the repaid funds?

We use 100% of repaid funds to fund other Kopernik projects. Priority will be given to the follow-on proposal that is submitted by the local partner that has repaid the funds to Kopernik, so the funds are reinvested in the same community.

How do we repay the funds generated from our project?

Kopernik can accept funds through a bank transfer or via paypal from the project. Our bank details are:

For payments in US dollars:
Bank: Chase
Branch: Brooklyn Trust 28, 177 Montague Street, New York, 11201 USA
Account: Checking Account
Account Number: 839226248
Account Name: Kopernik Solutions
ABA: 021000021

For payments in Indonesian rupiah:
Bank: Bank Mandiri
Branch: KCP Ubud 14510
Customer Name: Yayasan Kopernik
Account Number: 145-00-1804889-8

Or use the ‘Send Money’ function via PayPal to our PayPal account: kopernik@kopernik.info

What project reports will I need to submit as a local partner?

First you will need to confirm when you receive the technology, filling in our technology arrival report and providing photos. Then a Kopernik Project Officer will make a monthly monitoring call to learn about your progress distributing the technology. When you have distributed all of the technology, you will need to submit a final report using our reporting template. 

What happens if I don’t submit a report to Kopernik?

Submitting two formal written reports, one when the technologies arrive at the project location and one when the technology distribution is finished is part of your partnership obligation which is clearly set out in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that you will sign to formalise your partnership with Kopernik. You will also be expected to participate in informal monthly monitoring calls to track your progress. Your failure to submit a final report will be listed in a non-compliance statement on our website on both your partner profile and on the project detail pages. All donors to your project will also be notified and we will terminate our partnership.

What happens if I default on my repayment to Kopernik?

In the event of non-compliance with your repayment obligations, which are clearly set out in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that you will sign to formalise your partnership with Kopernik, we will publish a statement on our website on both your partner profile and on the project detail pages and we will terminate our partnership. You will be given a final notification and one week to respond before non-compliance is made public.

We follow strict due diligence and monitoring processes to mitigate the risk of default on repayments as much as possible. Our partner relationships are built on good faith and we work together based on the principals of mutual trust and achieving a shared goal. We are also committed to being transparent with our donors and must report any failure in compliance to them. We will send a donor update explaining our non-compliance procedure and what information we have about the current status of the project. To date, in implementing over 120 projects in 21 countries, we have a default rate of just 2.3%, proving that in all but a few cases, our approach to distributing simple, life-changing technology in last mile communities is ultimately successful.