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Can I receive feedback from Kopernik on how my technology operates in the field?

Absolutely. One key feature of Kopernik is to give voice to the users of the products. We place prime importance on getting feedback on the usefulness and effectiveness of each technology featured on Kopernik. Tech distribution partners rate the products and provide feedback about the product, which will be publicly posted on the Kopernik website and shared with the technology producer. Kopernik will also share photos and when possible video footage of the deployment of your technology.

See our project reports for published technology feedback.

We only profile and distribute technologies that have been proven to survive tough last-mile conditions. If you have a technology prototype that you would like to test in the last mile, our consulting team can help set up technology trials.

Why should I feature my technology on the Kopernik website?

Your technology profile will be seen by a range of audiences including:

  • Local organisations, businesses, and individuals across the developing world
  • Individual and corporate donors
  • International organisations

We share information about your products with last mile communities through our online marketplace, catalogue and technology fairs, allowing them to decide if your technology is right for them.

Through our network of tech distribution partners, your technologies will reach remote communities and people most in need.

Does featuring my technology on the Kopernik website mean people can buy it from there?

The Kopernik site is a resource for local organisations, businesses, governments, development organisations and individuals interested in appropriate technology.

In Indonesia, selected technologies are also sold directly to customers through a network of Tech Kiosks. These are family-run small shops (warung), that serve as mini-general stores in their communities. We brand them as a Tech Kiosk and equip them with a range of technologies designed for the developing world. Tech Kiosk operators can receive these technologies on consignment in order to stock their stores. When they sell technologies they earn a generous commission, return the cost of inventory to Kopernik, and order more technologies to sell.

Are technologies featured by Kopernik easy to use?

All technologies on the Kopernik site are specifically designed for the developing world, and are extremely user-friendly. In addition, our local partners conduct awareness-raising and training to ensure the technology is properly used and maintained.

How do you deliver the technology?

Kopernik works closely with the technology producer and the tech distribution partner to figure out the most cost effective and efficient way to send the technology. We work with logistics companies, shipping and clearance agents, truck drivers and boat operators to deliver the technologies to the last mile.

Isn’t shipping expensive?

Yes, shipping is expensive, especially to many developing countries. There are also handling charges and customs duty. You can see exactly how much it costs in our project budgets, and the cost of donating a technology to a project reflects the actual cost of sending that technology to the last mile. We are constantly working on finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver technologies to the people who need them the most.

Where are the technologies made?

The technologies we feature on our site are designed for the developing world, and a growing number of the technologies we work with have been invented by creative people in developing countries. Two of our most popular technologies, the Nazava water filter and the UB.03-1 biomass stove, are designed and manufactured in Indonesia. Detailed information about each technology can be found on our website, including where the product is manufactured, specifications and reviews.

How does Kopernik work with technology producers?

Here is how we work with our technology producers:

We let people know about your technology
We feature the best technologies designed for the developing world on our website: kopernik.info. Our technology portal is used by local organisations, businesses, and multilateral agencies to find information about life-changing technologies. We also display technology samples at our flagship Tech Kiosk in Bali, Indonesia.

You reach more last mile customers
When last mile communities are interested in your technology, they submit a proposal to Kopernik which includes a brief description of what technology they are interested in distributing and why it is needed. At this point we will ask you for a quote. We then raise funds on our website to send that technology to the local communities. Once the proposal is fully funded, we order the technology from you or your local distributor, sending it to the last mile to reach the people who need it the most.

We provide you with feedback about your technology
Our tech distribution partners rate the technology and provide feedback on its usefulness and effectiveness, which we publish on our website and share with you. We also share photos and, when possible, video footage of your technology being used in remote communities.