Impact Assessment:
Switch On Kalimantan, Indonesia

Sep 2013 to Nov 2013
Switch On Kalimantan, Indonesia


The project:
Switch on Kalimantan, Indonesia Phase One
Technologies used:
d.light S250 Solar lantern
Local partner:
Yayasan Puter Indonesia

We connected 180 d.light S250 solar lights with people in Galinggang, an off-grid village on the banks of the Katingan river in Central Kalimantan. We partnered with Yayasan Puter Indonesia to make the solar lights available to buy in instalments.

Six months after people began using the solar lights, Kopernik Fellow Reisky Handika visited Galinggang to explore the impact of the technology on people's lives. This impact assessment report is a result of Reisky’s work in the field in Galinggang from September to November 2013. 

Reisky concluded that:

  • People who purchased the d.light S250 solar lights are saving a significant amount of money each month on lighting expenses;
  • Almost 44 percent of people say their health has improved since buying their solar light (although the cause of this may not be solely attributed to reduced exposure to kerosene smoke);
  • On average, students are not studying longer at night, but report that they are now studying more effectively and efficiently using the d.light S250;
  • The average time dedicated to cooking dinner is now much shorter than before; and
  • Fishing at night has not been affected much by the distribution of the d.light S250.

Families are very happy with their solar light purchases, and are keen to buy more d.light solar lights to eliminate dependence on kerosene.

Learn more about Reisky's research findings by downloading the Switch on Kalimantan Impact Assessment report.

Full report: