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Solar lamps are lighting up night-time study on Atauro Island
Jul 2012 to Sep 2012

We connected 200 d.light S250 solar lanterns with families in Biqueli village on Atauro Island, Timor Leste. The solar lights have made an immediate and tangible impact on people's lives. Two thirds of the people surveyed have completely stopped using kerosene lamps and other light sources at...

We connected 200 Greenway Smart Stoves with women in Maharashtra, India
Sep 2012

We connected 200 Greenway Smart Stoves with farming families living in poverty in the rural region of Maharashtra, India, working with our local partner, Rural Communes.

Women were interested to learn about the UB.03-1 biomass stove
Nov 2011 to Apr 2012

We introduced the UB.03-1 Biomass Cookstove and Nazava Water Filter to selected communities on the island of Lombok, Indonesia in September 2011.

Solar lights make it possible to study at night in remote Kalimantan
Jan 2011 to Mar 2011

We distributed Firefly solar lanterns with local partner, Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) in Kalimantan.

Our local partner helped farmers set up the Driptech system in their fields
Oct 2011 to Aug 2012

We introduced drip irrigation to 55 households in Kechla, India.

Solar lights are providing bright, clean light at night in Beloi village on Atauro Island
Dec 2011 to Jan 2012

We made 204 d.light solar lights available to communities in remote parts of Atauro Island.

Women tried out the cookstoves at a community meeting
Jul 2012 to Aug 2012

We partnered with local NGO, Haritika to distribute Greenway Smart Stoves in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Q drums are making life easier for families in western Kenya
Mar 2013 to Apr 2013

We distributed 52 Q Drums in Kenya’s Western Province in 2012 through our local partner, Yaya Education Trust (YET).

Simple solar lanterns make lighting safe for children to handle
Apr 2013 to May 2013

We distributed 205 d.light S250 solar lanterns in Kenya’s Western Province in 2012 through a partnership with Action for Child Development Trust (ACDT).