Ana Nurhayati - East Java, Indonesia

Impact Story
Ana Nurhayati - East Java, Indonesia

" I hope that the tech agent program will allow me to expand my business and improve lives in my community "

Ana Nurhayati

Ibu Ana is a champion for women in her small village in East Java. In addition to selling clothes at the local market and participating in community groups, Ibu Ana leads a group of nine Tech Agents in Ngasem village.

Ibu Ana was awarded the coveted title of ‘Tech Agent of the Month’ in July 2014, in recognition of her persistence and success selling simple technologies and encouraging entrepreneurship among the women in her community. In the previous three months she sold more than 60 technologies, including Nazava water filters.

She promotes the technologies as she sells clothes at the market, introducing people to how the technologies work and emphasising the money they will save and the health benefits they will enjoy from using the products.

Ibu Ana says she is especially thankful for the entrepreneurial training she has received from the Kopernik team in East Java. She hopes that the Tech Agent program will help her to expand her business and improve lives in her community.