Cut Charunisak - North Aceh, Indonesia

Impact Story
Cut Charunisak - North Aceh, Indonesia

" I am really excited about the extra income I can earn as a tech agent, and the business skills I have developed through the training programme. "

Cut Charunisak

“One day, a mute person knocked on my front door. It was raining and the electricity went off. I was scared because I was alone with my newborn baby. But then the man explained in sign language that he wanted to buy a d.light S300 solar light, and I was relieved. I gave him the technology, he paid, and left.”

Since joining Kopernik's Tech Agent program in March this year, Cut Charunisak has become one of our top-performing Tech Agents in North Aceh, Indonesia. She has already sold 27 technologies to her colleagues, friends, family and neighbours in Utara village.

Cut draws a steady stream of customers to her door, saving her from having to travel far with a young child. She thinks this is because people are seeing and hearing about the direct benefits of the technology she sells, especially the solar lights. Cut explains, "There are often blackouts in our community, so many people are buying the d.light solar lights".

She is really excited about the extra income she can earn as a Tech Agent, and the business skills she has developed through the training program. She hopes to expand her business in the future to sell other products such as hijab and clothing.