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Combining a passion for serving the last mile with world-class consulting talent

Last Mile Consulting provides professional advisory services to corporations, aid agencies and foundations, specialising in the testing and distribution of life-improving products. Our experienced team co-creates innovative, socially responsible ways to reach base of the pyramid markets in the last mile. The revenue earned from Last Mile Consulting funds Kopernik’s work connecting simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty.


Technology testing &
impact assessments

Find out how your technologies perform in the last mile with in-depth product trials. We welcome you to the field and offer photos, videos, testimonials and impact reports.

Field officer Lincoln interviews a man about d.lights

Market &
needs analysis

Understand the competitive landscape and demand for your products or services. We provide critical insights to improve market entry strategy and identify opportunities.

A woman sells fruit in a typical Asian market

Women's & Micro-entrepreneurship
program development

Engage and empower women and micro-entrepreneurs. We offer skills training, socialisation materials and implementation techniques for specialised programming.

A woman receives training as a technology agent

Carbon market baseline &
monitoring studies

Collaborate with our carbon market experts on baseline and monitoring needs. We are trained on standardised baselines under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Testing of a biomass stove

Project design &
strategy formulation

Create shared value to scale social innovation. We specialise in designing corporate social responsibility projects delivering real impact in the last mile.

Men contemplate their strategy

Supply chain

Develop your distribution strategy to reach remote locations. We build cost-effective supply chains optimising transportation, communication and payment efficiency.

Boxes are loaded onto a waiting boat

Case Studies
People have started praying together in the mosques at night after the Solar Indoor Lighting system installed


Last Mile Consulting (LMC) used its rural coordination capacity and analytical capabilities to provide the client with initial desk research, project development, and community engagement in unelectrified villages of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Kopernik's Last Mile Consulting team members interviewed representatives from Kampoeng Kepiting

A European Business Consultancy

Last Mile Consulting used its research capacity and analytical skills to provide the client with an in-depth, high-quality study of innovative inclusive businesses in the Indonesian tourism sector.
Kopernik's Last Mile Consulting team discusses the poster testing activity at Dlundungan market

A large multi-lateral organisation

Last Mile Consulting used its intimate knowledge of and networks in rural communities of Indonesia to provide the Client with an initial desk review, methodology development, field visits for community and key stakeholder review, testing of several communication channels and data analysis of the research conducted.
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