Tech Distribution Partners

OUR TRUSTED CONNECTION TO LAST MILE COMMUNITIES Increasing incomes of  smallholder farmers
GIYF-FFS team member in front of stand-up banner
GIYF-FFS, a local partner in the Philippines, sell solar lights in Oriental Mindoro
Move Forward team in front of sign
The team from Move Forward, a local partner on Atauro Island in Timor-Leste

"I have loved working with Kopernik... I have felt that Kopernik is behind us every step of the way."

Kristyn Zalota,

We partner with local organisations to distribute technology in the last mile. Our tech distribution partners know what technology is needed by the communities they serve and are key to identifying requirements and delivering solutions to remote communities. Tech distribution partners are a vital link in the supply chain of technology to last mile communities and in the feedback loop to technology producers and to donors. Their reports and photos help technology producers refine their products, and help donors see the impact of their donation.

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Kopernik's Local Partners
Gelacio I. Yason Foundation Family Farm School logo

Gelacio I. Yason Foundation Family Farm School »


We partnered with GIYF-FFS to provide clean, affordable and efficient lighting to disadvantaged communities in rural Philippines.

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss logo

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss »

United States

We partnered with Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss to distribute low-cost hearing aid technology to the children with hearing loss in Vietnam.

Green TL »


We partnered with GREEN TL to provided clean, safe water to Oecusse, Timor-Leste households.

GUK logo



We partnered with GUK to provide bright, clean lights to the 12 remote and unelectrified villages of three river island communities in Bangladesh.

Haritika logo

Haritika »


We partnered with Haritika to reduce deforestation and respiratory diseases for women in rural India.

Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (HOVC)

Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children »


We partnered with Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to connect solar lanterns with families raising orphaned relatives in Kisoro, Uganda.



We partnered with IDEP in providing hygiene kits, Nazava water filters and other urgent needs to the Mt. Agung evacuees in Les Village, Buleleng, Bali.

Indian Society for Wildlife Research »


ISWR works to support the Millennium Development Goals, women's empowerment, plant and wildlife protection and environmental conservation.

IHF logo

Indonesian Heritage Foundation »


We partnered with IHF to empower female early-childhood volunteer teachers in Aceh and East Java, Indonesia to start selling life-changing technology in their communities.

Inotek logo



We partnered with INOTEK to provide biomass stoves to the people affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia in October 2010.

Institut Mosintuwu logo

Institut Mosintuwu »


We partnered with Institut Mosintuwu to provide local communities of Poso, Sulawesi, Indonesia with simple but life-changing technologies (solar lights, cookstoves and water filters).

IVY logo

International Volunteer Center of Yamagata »


We partnered with IVY in 2011, when Japan was struck by an earthquake and tsunami to provide solar lights to the natural disaster victims.