Tech Distribution Partners

OUR TRUSTED CONNECTION TO LAST MILE COMMUNITIES Increasing incomes of  smallholder farmers
GIYF-FFS team member in front of stand-up banner
GIYF-FFS, a local partner in the Philippines, sell solar lights in Oriental Mindoro
Move Forward team in front of sign
The team from Move Forward, a local partner on Atauro Island in Timor-Leste

"I have loved working with Kopernik... I have felt that Kopernik is behind us every step of the way."

Kristyn Zalota,

We partner with local organisations to distribute technology in the last mile. Our tech distribution partners know what technology is needed by the communities they serve and are key to identifying requirements and delivering solutions to remote communities. Tech distribution partners are a vital link in the supply chain of technology to last mile communities and in the feedback loop to technology producers and to donors. Their reports and photos help technology producers refine their products, and help donors see the impact of their donation.

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Kopernik's Local Partners

Lady Green Foundation »


We partnered with Lady Green Foundation to help remote indigenous communities in Papua save money and improve their health with solar lights.

Luwero Boys' Primary School »


We partnered with Luwero Boys' Primary School to give hearing impaired children in Uganda access to sound with solar-powered hearing instruments.

Midwives for Haiti logo

Midwives for Haiti »

United States

We partnered with Midwives for Haiti to distribute birth kits to newly-minted graduates of the non-profit organisation's midwife training program.

MontBell logo

MontBell support team »


We partnered with MontBell, an outdoor products company, to set up an emergency response team to support the victims of the tsunami in the northern part of Japan.

Move Forward »


We partnered with Move Forward to provide solar lights to households without access to electricity in Atauro, Timor-Leste.

Navicula »


Navicula is an award-winning Indonesian rock band advocating for social c

NRG Solutions logo

NRG Solutions »


We partnered with NRG Solutions to distribute solar lamp solutions to rural residents that are living without access to electricity in Cambodia.

Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association logo

Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association »


We partnered with OSVSWA to provide rural farming households in Orissa, India with solar lights and water purifiers the Orissa floods of 2011.

Pekka logo



We partnered with PEKKA to create new business opportunities for poor women in Indonesia by providing them with life-changing technology on consignment and training to help them succeed.

Punden logo

Perkumpulan Desa Mandiri (PUNDEN) »


We partnered with PUNDEN to give Indonesian women access to fuel efficient stoves.

PT Diatom Indonesia Natural »


Based in Bogor, Indonesia, Diatom Indonesia Natural is a company specializing in natural organic products.

Puspadi Bali

Puspadi Bali »


We partnered with Puspadi Bali to provide water filters to people with a disability in East Bali, Karangasem.