Tech Distribution Partners

OUR TRUSTED CONNECTION TO LAST MILE COMMUNITIES Increasing incomes of  smallholder farmers
GIYF-FFS team member in front of stand-up banner
GIYF-FFS, a local partner in the Philippines, sell solar lights in Oriental Mindoro
Move Forward team in front of sign
The team from Move Forward, a local partner on Atauro Island in Timor-Leste

"I have loved working with Kopernik... I have felt that Kopernik is behind us every step of the way."

Kristyn Zalota,

We partner with local organisations to distribute technology in the last mile. Our tech distribution partners know what technology is needed by the communities they serve and are key to identifying requirements and delivering solutions to remote communities. Tech distribution partners are a vital link in the supply chain of technology to last mile communities and in the feedback loop to technology producers and to donors. Their reports and photos help technology producers refine their products, and help donors see the impact of their donation.

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Kopernik's Local Partners

Tropical Research and Conservation Centre »


We partnered with The Tropical Research & Conservation Centre to make safe drinking water available to rural Nigerian communities.

UFO Conservation Society »


We partnered with UFOCS to improve access to electricity for the people of Fefan Island, Micronesia by providing solar lights.

Wind of Ordos »


We partnered with Winds of Ordos to disribute low cost solar lights to rural communities in Inner Mongolia.

Women's Initiative for Prosperity »


We've partnered with WIP to connect solar lights with women and children in rural Uganda.

YET logo

Yaya Education Trust (YET) »


We partnered with YET to provide vulnerable women and children in Western Kenya with rollable water containers to ease the burden of carrying water.

PEP logo

Yayasan Bali Sahaja »


We partnered with YBS to provide water filters to schools in Payangan Village, Bali, Indonesia.

Yayasan Puter Indonesia logo

Yayasan Puter Indonesia »


We partnered with YPI to help families in rural Kalimantan, Indonesia who do not have access to electricity with safe and clean solar lighting.

Yayasan Sosial untuk Masyarakat Terpencil »


We partnered with YASUMAT to provide solar lights to families in Yahukimo's remote villages in Papua, Indonesia.