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The Nazava water filters team
Nazava produce affordable water filters in Indonesia 
Toshi and Karyn at d.light HQ March 2013 visit
d.light design manufacture simple, portable, durable solar lanterns

For our technology distribution projects, we partner with companies and social entrepreneurs manufacturing simple, innovative technology designed for the developing world. There are many technologies with the potential for life-changing impact, but manufacturers can't reach the last mile on their own. Kopernik bridges the gap. When we partner with technology producers, we share information about their products with last mile communities through our online catalogue and technology fairs, and field requests for technology from tech distribution partners. After the technology is funded, shipped and distributed, we share technology feedback to encourage technology producers to refine their products to best serve the needs of customers in the developing world.


Feature your technology in Kopernik’s curated technology marketplace, reach more people in the last mile.

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Technology Producers listing their products with Kopernik
Yayasan Tirta Indonesia Mandiri logo

Yayasan Tirta Indonesia Mandiri


Yayasan Tirta Indonesia Mandiri is an Indonesian manufacturer of TCM ceramic water filters which provide potable water for homes.

Driptech logo


United States

Driptech is an international water technology company producing affordable, high-quality irrigation systems designed for small-plot farmers distributed in India and China.

Lifeline Technology Trading logo

Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd.

United Kingdom

Lifeline Technologies develops robust, solar and wind-up products that provide on-demand access to information and education without need for electricity or disposable batteries.

AYZH logo



AYZH is a for-profit social venture providing health and livelihood solutions to impoverished women worldwide. They developed low-cost, appropriate technology designed to meet the unique needs of women in resource-poor settings.

Nokero logo


United States

Nokero (short for "No Kerosene") designs, manufactures and collectively distributes safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solar based technologies -- low-cost, high-quality solar lights and solar battery chargers.

Village Telco logo

Village Telco

United States

The Village Telco is an initiative to build low-cost community telephone network hardware and software that can be set up in minutes anywhere in the world. It uses the latest Open Source telephony software and low cost wireless mesh networking technology.

Global Cycle Solutions logo

Global Cycle Solutions


Global Cycle Solutions is a social enterprise working to develop and disseminate affordable, quality technology for villagers around the world.

FrontlineSMS logo


United States

FrontlineSMS builds and distributes free and open-source software which helps organizations all over the world overcome communications barriers by It enabling users to send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Speaking Books logo

Books of Hope

South Africa

Books of Hope provides books that speak to illiterate and low literacy individuals arming them with critical information to improve their physical, financial and social place in life.

Aqua Aero Water Systems logo

Aqua-Aero WaterSystems BV


Aqua-Aero WaterSystems BV focuses on the development and marketing of sustainable solutions for a variety of water problems. They provide a unique set of products to purify dirty water in tropical countries.

Hippo Water Roller logo

Hippo Water Roller Project

South Africa

The mission of the Hippo Water Roller Project is to improve access to clean water for rural and impoverished households by means of appropriate technologies including the Hippo Water Roller.

CV. Kreasi Daya Mandiri


CV. Kreasi Daya Mandiri is an Indonesian manufacturer of clean biomass cooking stoves.