Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment

Local Partner
Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment

We partnered with BIDE to help Ugandan communities purify their water and improve overall health and sanitation.

BIDE seeks to eradicate the root causes of poverty among women and to enable them to attain self-reliance by setting up profitable micro-businesses to generate income for their families. 

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

BIDE's mission is to build a vibrant, efficient and sustainable revolving fund program which will promote the economic and social development of women living in poverty, especially women with HIV/AIDS and young women, by providing them with non-formal education and skills training.

Awards & Recognition: 

BIDE is a member of :

  • DENIVA - Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Association,
  • JIDNET – Jinja District NGO/CBO Network,
  • NAWOU – National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda,
  • NGO FORUM - The Uganda National NGO Forum,
  • FHRI-Foundation for Human Rights Initiative,
  • NOGAMU- National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda.
Who they serve: 
People living with HIV/Aids
Patrick Tazuba
Partner since: 
Why we partner with Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment :
BIDE's focus on women, entrepreneurship and education and training.
Due Diligence:
Full Due Diligence ?
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