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Banyu Urip Cooperative

We partnered with Banyu Urip Cooperative to create micro-business opportunities for women in the Tuban and Bojonegoro districts of East Java, Indonesia.

Banyu Urip Cooperative (Koperasi Banyu Urip) is a cooperative located in Gayam Village, Bojonegoro, East Java. The cooperative's main programs include saving and loans for members and non-members, sales of life-improving technologies to the community and also capacity development trainings for the women. Koperasi Banyu Urip established its new office which is also one of Kopernik's flagship Tech Kiosk (technology kiosk) in Indonesia.

Type of organisation: 

Banyu Urip Cooperative's mission is to create business opportunities for women in Bojonegoro through the creation of a cooperative.

Who they serve: 
Rural Communities
Betty Meilantina Sari
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Why we partner with Banyu Urip Cooperative:
The members of Koperasi Banyu Urip have worked with Kopernik since 2012 and have distributed a range of life-improving technologies in the area since then.
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