Bodhi Health Education

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Bodhi Health Education

We partnered with Bodhi Health Education to provide clean birth kits to mums-to-be in Gurgaon, India, ensuring both mum and baby to have a happy start of life.


Bodhi Health Education is a social enterprise organisation based in India that aims to provide comprehensive, integrated health module for midwives in rural areas of India.

Type of organisation: 
Social enterprise

Bodhi Health Education aims to improve the healthcare system in India by providing skill-based training with comprehensive, integrated eLearning content in regional languages for the bottom of pyramid community health workers.

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Who they serve: 
Rural Communities
Abhinav Girdhar
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Why we partner with Bodhi Health Education:
Bodhi Health Education has strong grassroots network of community health worker, especially midwives, and proven track record of providing skill-based health training for them in India.
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