CDC Balaghat

Local Partner
Community Development Centre (CDC) Balaghat

We partnered with CDC Balaghat to distribute solar lights in villages near the forests of Balaghat, India

The Community Development Centre (CDC) Balaghat is a locally registered NGO working with marginalized community members in the areas of health, education, livelihood, and conservation of forest and wildlife. Their projects mobilise the community through training, workshops, support to families, skills development and education.

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

CDC Balaghat actively supports and works towards a just and sustainable society by creating conditions for meaningful and disciplined involvement of all people and their organizations, in the development process which is based on a macro approach and involves networking between organizations at various levels.

Awards & Recognition: 

Ameri Care Award – runners up for Malnutrition category

Who they serve: 
Rural Communities
Forest Communities
People living with HIV/Aids
Ameen Charles
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Why we partner with Community Development Centre (CDC) Balaghat:
CDC Balaghat is working with the local community to discourage the use of firewood, both to produce light and to cook which is not sustainable for the people or the environment. Kopernik’s partnership with CDC will promote a simple and appropriate technology to replace the use of firewood.
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