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Empower Generation

We partnered with Empower Generation to connect solar lights with earthquake survivors in Nepal.

Empower Generation identifies opportunities to create gender and energy paradigm shifts by empowering women to become clean energy entrepreneurs.

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

Empower Generation’s mission is to:

  • support women-led enterprises serving the energy poor,
  • envision a world where women lead the clean energy revolution, reducing deforestation and the use of fossil fuels,
  • enable clean energy technology suppliers access to remote markets where their products are in highest demand.
Awards & Recognition: 
  • Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (CE3) Awards for Outstanding Women Leadership and Achievements 2015
  • Recipient of SOCAP Scholarship Entrepreneur 2015
Who they serve: 
Small Business
Local Communities
Anya Cherneff
Partner since: 
Why we partner with Empower Generation:
We partnered with Empower Generation because they have a wide network in the Kathmandu greater area who can assist to distribute solar lights to Nepalese Earthquake survivors.
Due Diligence:
Basic Due Diligence ?
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