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We partnered with Farabi to improve the lives of people in Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia with water filters.

Farabi is a non-profit, non-government organization, founded in 1998, based on openness that provides community development and empowerment programs for vulnerable people.

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

Farabi's mission is to:

  • improve and strengthen community participation in development by developing human potential and natural resources to achieve self-reliant communities.
  • conduct research and studies on social, economic, educational, health, and environmental issues.
  • provide guidance and policy advocacy in support of vulnerable members of the community.
Who they serve: 
Local Communities
Syukur S. Apriwiyanto
Partner since: 
Why we partner with Farabi:
Farabi is a trusted, long-standing resource for vulnerable people within its community and has extensive experience in community organising and provision of safe water.
Due Diligence:
Full Due Diligence ?
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