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We partnered with HADEER to connect Nazava water filters with rural communities in Bobonaro, Timor Leste

In November 2016, Kopernik agreed with our local partner for this project, HADEER, that we would allocate any remaining water filters they couldn’t sell to a new project. We would also waive the outstanding payment of US$1,579.62 due to us.

We have been trying to work with HADEER to facilitate the shipping of the remaining water filters to a new location but have not been able to lock in their assistance in this process. While HADEER has fulfilled their partnership obligations in the form of submitting a final report and paying us the adjusted repayment amount of US$3,400, in the past two months they have been unresponsive and we have not been able to successfully recover the unsold technologies.

We have therefore officially closed our project with HADEER and will not work with them again.

More information has been provided on the project details page for our Drink Up Bobonaro, Timor-Leste project and specific donors to this project have been informed.

HADEER (Hemetin Asaun Dezenvolvimento Edukasaun no Ekonomia Rural) is a locally-registered non-government organisation in Bobonaro, Timor-Leste, conducting micro-economic empowerment, agricultural assistance, informal education and village-scale infrastructure programs.

Type of organisation: 
Locally registered NGO

HADEER’s mission is to support rural development through agriculture, infrastructure, environment and informal education programs.

Who they serve: 
Rural Communities
Abel Pereira Mauricio
Partner since: 
Why we partner with HADEER:
HADEER has extensive experience in promoting community development in Timor Leste. They are well respected and have built a strong relationship within their community.
Due Diligence:
Basic Due Diligence ?
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